John Monahan founded Phone Doctors in the late 2010’s… it’s hard to pinpoint the exact date because it was done as a side gig from home. The business slowly grew and shortly before COVID in 2020, a retial space in downtown Wapakoneta was acquired.

The service grew rapidly during COVID times, with people wanting their entertainment on iPads and phones. Staff was hired over the years and services included computer repair, phone and tablet repair, general IT consulting, web design and even home “doctor” calls. Since then the business has been streamlined somewhat with more of a focus on phone and tablet repair.

In late 2023/early 2024 our founder bowed out of the business to allow Jordan (shop manager) to step in and run it as his own. All things run their course and John wanted to follow different pursuits (music, writing, web design, other stuff…).


Jordan has taken the torch and run with it, transforming Phone Doctors and overhauling it from what John started with. It’s truly a family business, with Jordan’s brother Jevin, mother Liz and a cast of friends pitching in to help as needed.

Phone Doctors looks forward to serving Wapakoneta and surrounding areas for as long as is needed! Lima, Indian Lake, the Grand Lake region, points south such as Sidney and Troy and many towns in between are all served by Phone Doctors at our downtown Wapak location!


We’ve got the prescription for your phone, and offer service with a smile!

How it works...


Contact us and schedule a repair time.


Drop off your phone at your scheduled repair time.

Pick up your phone!

Repair Services

• Broken glass and LCDs
• Battery replacement
• Charging ports
• Headphone jacks
• Loose/Stuck Buttons
• Power buttons
• Camera replacement
• Antennas…

and more!

iPhone and android Repair Prices

Prices change regularly. Contact us for pricing!

We fix most phones though and carry stock of most iPhone screens.

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