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Phone Doctors has been serving Wapakoneta and surrounding areas since February of 2018.

Phone Doctors’ founder, John Monahan, had been fixing and upgrading his own families phones for years. A love of working on phones combined with a desire to serve people and slowly the idea began to start fixing iPhones and iPads for people!

It started out as a branch of Webcore, but due to a high amount of interest it was quickly determined that this needed to be it’s own thing. Hence this Phone Doctors website!

With no Apple service locations anywhere nearby, it seemed like a no-brainer to help people with phone problems. Dayton is the home of the closest Apple Store location and is well over an hour away.

But in addition to being extremely convenient for people in St. Marys, Lima or other nearby towns, Phone Doctors has another additional advantage, and it’s our main purpose: to repair phone for significantly less than you’d pay at Apple.

Our goal: to repair people’s phones for significantly less thaN you’d pay at Apple.

Here’s the thing… if you didn’t pay the hefty fee for AppleCare+ when you first bought your phone, screen repair prices can be quite expensive (and also include shipping fees).

Here are Apple’s prices (as of 10/1/18):

At Phone Doctors, we aim to be AT LEAST $50 cheaper than Apple on most screen repairs. (Currently there is only one product where we don’t fall $50 less than Apple: that’s on the iPhone 8 display where we’re “only” $39 less. But we digress…)

But our low pricing on iPad & iPhone service doesn’t take away from the quality of repair. Oh no, we’ve serviced dozens of iPhones and iPads and take extreme care with each repair we do.

Each repair is thoroughly research and prepped for before we even open the device. Could we take apart an iPhone blindfolded? Well, maybe not, but do you have any idea how small the screws in those are? (Hint: they’re tiny. Also: we need to try doing it blindfolded!)


We stand behind our service with 30-day warranty on the repair. Additionally, all of our parts come with a 60-day warranty. This doesn’t cover accidental drop/crack damage, but you can rest assured that everything will work well after a repair with us!

$5 Tempered Glass
($10 for Samsung or iPads!)

For an additional $5, we can install crystal-clear, tempered glass screen on all iPhone screen repairs. This means a beautiful glass screen that sits on top of your iPhone screen and protects it from harm. ($10 for Samsung or iPads!)

If you happen drop your iPhone with one of these bad boys on it, most of the time the tempered glass will break before your screen does. And let us attest that your screen looks MUCH better with tempered glass than it does sitting behind a huge plastic-fronted case.

(Of course, we do highly recommend getting some sort of protective case for ANY iPhone or iPad. We’re just saying that it can be open-faced and you can let the tempered glass screen protector absorb the brunt of the damage from a fall.)

We think that’s enough of a spiel for now. If you have any questions whatsoever, contact us!


How it works...


Contact us and schedule a repair time.

Drop off your phone for one to two hours.
Pick up your phone!

Repair Services

• Broken glass and LCDs
• Battery replacement
• Charging ports
• Headphone jacks
• Loose/Stuck Buttons
• Power buttons
• Camera replacement
• Antennas…

and more!

iPhone Repair Prices

• iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE – $50
• iPhone 6 – $60
• iPhone 6+ – $65
• iPhone 6s – $65
• iPhone 6s+ – $70
• iPhone 7 – $70
• iPhone 7+ – $75
• iPhone 8 – $80
• iPhone 8+ – $85
• iPhone X/XR – $125
• iPhone XS – $150

Other iPhones – Contact us!

* Prices subject to change


What People Are Saying

John was very friendly and fair priced for fixing the rear glass on my LG V30 thinQ. Definitely my go to place if I need a phone repair

Brendan Mccloskey

Just had my iPad screen replaced. Fast service and it looks like it did when it was new. He has all my future business. Thanks again John for the help.

Charles Horn

John recently fixed my iPhone 7 Plus screen and I could not be happier with his service! Extremely reasonable prices and does a fantastic job. He has all my future business. Highly recommend

Kaylee Katterhenry

He fixed my Ipad screen after it had been shattered from being dropped on tile face down. Very quick and it works perfect! Thanks John!

Ashley Fosnaugh

If you ever need any apple product serviced, look Phone Doctors up. John was extremely up front and honest with me. Great communication and he will go out of his way and do what it takes to see you’re fixed fast. Again many thanks John for taking great care of me. If I ever need service again you have my word I’ll be contacting you.

Chas Iliff

Great repair of a Galaxy S9plus. Was fast and cheaper than anyone around. Thank you Phone Doctors!!

Bridget Looney Williamson

I only had a small area on my screen that was damaged. Took it to get repaired and I don’t think it even took a full hour and he was done with my phone and it looked as good as brand new and everything works Friendly, courteous and professional service and I recommend The Phone Doctors if your looking for great repair job done right.

Heidi Metzger

He did an awesome job even fixed a broken part and didn't charge for the part!! I highly recommend him!! Thank you so much!

Jen Jennings Eller

I have a 3 year old iPhone and the battery was shot. I couldn't make it to lunch time without have to charge it. I called John and he was able to get me in right away. Very professional and knowledgeable and explained the process as he was working. And it only took him about 15-20 minutes. Much more affordable than spending a boatload of money on a new phone.

Matt Johnston

If you can find someone easier to deal with or more accommodating then you’re probably related!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Clarke Pritchard

Phone Doctors